A Platform for Insight and Action

Imagine having the ability to visualize information about your organization and have a comprehensive view. You can now see inter-relationships, often between different data types — market, clinical, operational, financial – and discover and understand underlying causes and implications of problems or opportunities.  Having this unique perspective allows you to make decisions and impact the quality of patient care, the profitability of the hospital, and the ability of the entire enterprise to fulfill its mission.

VantagePoints gives hospital executives the power to see the full picture, the ability to take action with informed confidence and realize opportunities for growth.


VantagePoints LogoiVantage offers the industry’s first integrated platform – VantagePoints™ – that combines the expertise of a consultant advisor with an integrated business intelligence platform to support best practice assessment and performance improvement.  With VantagePoints you and your team will be able to analyze, assess, decide, take action and drive improvement to realize outcomes with greater confidence.

The new healthcare demands unprecedented access to integrated metrics and intelligence, along with sound, seasoned advice. VantagePoints gives hospital decision-makers an integrated assessment about organizational performance, market dynamics and risk, and the ability to effectively monitor and measure the impact of actions.

Gain the visibility you need to make informed decisions.  Leverage the scale, expertise and depth of data offered through the expert lens of the iVantage team to improve your performance and reduce costs.


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